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Delegate Signature Counts


Delegate Signature Counts
updated as of 03/01/2012

We have successfully completed the 5 day period for collecting signatures for the people who wanted to run as delegates to the national convention. To earn a place on the April 24 ball each person was required to submit a minimum of 150 verified signatures from registered voters in his or her congressional district. That meant many more signatures had to be gathered and as of now it looks like everyone who wanted to be on the ballot, will be on the ballot. This was accomplished by the candidates themselves, the Rhode Island Ron Paul Meetup & it's volunteers, the RIGOP signing parties, and other volunteers working as a team so that all would qualify for ballot placement.

The results haven't been posted to the Secretary of State's website as of yet but they will be in the next few days. The published lists are updated in the early morning hours of each day which you can check when you get up in the morning by visiting this website or by going to: http://sos.ri.gov/candidates/?set_language=en Everything will be posted by the morning of Saturday March 3, 2012 as Friday the 2nd is the final day for the signatures to be submitted by the boards of canvassers.

The signature count and ballot status of all 23 people
running as delegates to represent Ron Paul are....

updated 03/02/2012

Douglas P Berge 1 276 YES
Christopher M Bricault 1 319 YES
Joseph Buehler 1 243 YES
Emmanuel Cumplido 1 272 YES
Richard Ford 1 297 YES
Daniel S Harrop 1 248 YES
Jason Magoon 1 257 YES
Robert Marquis 1 378 YES
Michael Rollins 1 251 YES
Paul A Schmidt 1 269 YES
David Aiello 2 247 YES
Matthew Boisvert 2 265 YES
Timothy W Burchett 2 282 YES
John B Foster 2 401 YES
Russ Hryzan 2 291 YES
Christopher R Kairnes 2 290 YES
Catharine Leach 2 301 YES
Rachael McIntosh 2 310 YES
Andrew J McNulty 2 294 YES
Eric North 2 308 YES
Justin K Price 2 316 YES
Nathaniel Robertson 2 287 YES
Erik Edward Turgeon 2 297 YES